How To Avoid Massive Heating Bills This Winter

There is no let-up as far as heating bills are concerned. The Big Six energy suppliers continue to increase their prices despite the annual dual-fuel bill doubling in cost over the past decade. Millions of homeowners are also reaching the end of their fixed-rate tariffs and unless they switch supplier they will automatically be put onto a standard variable tariff and it will almost inevitably cost them more money.

After what was the coldest end to an October in a decade you may already have been forced to rely on your heating more than normal and this comes at a cost. So this cost doesn’t get out of control over the coming months, take the following measures to keep heating bills down to a minimum.

Switch your energy supplier

We have already mentioned about switching energy suppliers but the importance of it cannot be reiterated enough – you could be missing out on massive energy savings by remaining loyal to your existing supplier.

Go and find your most current energy bill and input your gas and electricity usage into a comparison site. There is a very strong possibility that you will find a more affordable energy package. Once you have agreed to join a new supplier they will contact your existing supplier to organise the switching process.

Only heat the rooms you use most

It isn’t logical to have the heating on in an area of the house that rarely gets used e.g. spare bedroom, loft, in fact it’s a real waste of energy.

Only have it on in places like the sitting room, kitchen etc. where you know family members will spend most of their time indoors.

Keep well wrapped up

Your choice of loungewear should be appropriate for winter. No shorts and t-shirts! Stick to wearing cosy pyjamas, slippers and a snug dressing gown.

If you still feel a little bit of a chill then invest in some thick throws that you can cover yourself with to keep the cold off you.

Get thermally efficient windows and doors fitted

This is arguably the most vital thing you need to do as windows and doors that provide quality insulation will offer superb heat retention and minimise heat loss.

5 Star is a provider and supplier of double and triple glazed windows and doors and we can assure you that their installation will make you so much less dependent on your boiler.

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