The Benefits Of Aluminium Windows

Summer will seem like a distant memory if the recent downturn in the weather has made the inside of your house feel significantly cold.

White Aluminium Windows

When a home gets chilly it’s usually the windows, along with the doors, that are largely to blame as they’ve obviously ceased supplying sufficient thermal efficiency and are readily allowing heat loss to occur. The solution is pretty straightforward – replace them.

There are two predominant types of window material – UPVC and aluminium.

In this piece we’re going to concentrate on aluminium-crafted windows and tell you why they’re so good…

Immense insulation

The insulating qualities of aluminium will heighten warmth levels as it promises excellent heat retention and will minimise draughts.

Placing energy efficient glass in an aluminium frame is also certain to help make you less reliant on your boiler, cutting energy costs in the process.

Tremendously tough

Aluminium is one of earth’s toughest materials and it can retain its toughness over a long period of time. The fact that it is used for constructing automobiles and spacecraft tells you just how strong it is.

It will resist external impact from thieves and leave them frustrated in their efforts to gain access via the windows.

Versatile and flexible

Despite its toughness, aluminium is a very versatile metal and can be moulded into all manner of shapes for its intended application.

Aluminium window frames are amazingly slim to the extent where the glass accounts for practically the entire window design. These large glazed expanses maximise light transference to leave your indoor space feeling beautifully bright.


Prolonged exposure to the elements causes timber window frames to split and crack and lose their finish. To get them back in condition you have to dedicate yourself to treating the windows pretty frequently.

Aluminium is a weather-resistant material and can therefore absorb everything the weather throws at it without you needing to put in any sort of maintenance. Wiping the frames will rid them of any dirt.


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