What Are You Best Buying, UPVC Or Aluminium?

A quick browse of the 5 Star website will tell you that we hold UPVC and aluminium in very high esteem as most of our windows, doors and conservatories are manufactured from these building materials.

White Aluminium Windows

UPVC and aluminium never let us down and it’s very rare that they let our customers down either.

Because there’s a near 50/50 split in UPVC and aluminium crafted products in our range, we’re inevitably asked the following question a lot by customers “should I choose UPVC or aluminium?”

To be honest, it’s a bit like trying to pick your favourite child, impossible to do!

What we don’t have a problem doing though is telling them about the individual qualities of UPVC and aluminium, of which there are many…


Weather-resistant – You never what the weather will do from one day to the next in this country, and it can take its toll on some building materials – not UPVC though! No amount of rain, sleet or snow will affect or weaken UPVC in the slightest.

Low-maintenance – Do you want to spend your weekends mending and repainting your windows and doors? We highly doubt that you do. You won’t have to do any of that with a UPVC window or door as the only thing you will need to do is give it a wipe down with a wet cloth every now and again to remove any dirt from the frame.

Low-cost – If you only have a set amount of money to upgrade your windows and doors, UPVC is surprisingly affordable. Value for money is guaranteed as UPVC products can last for 10 years or more.


Gorgeously stylish – Aluminium products have a really modern appearance and the sleekness of the frames means that you get more glass than you could possibly wish for. It helps that aluminium is easily moulded.

Ridiculously robust – When it comes to toughness, aluminium is in a different league to most materials. It can withstand serious force and won’t succumb easily to damage like some materials do.

Quality finish – We undertake an 11 stage powder-coating process when applying coloured finishes to our aluminium frames, and that’s what makes them so eye-catching. You can’t miss them when you get sight of an aluminium window or door.  


You will find it helpful seeing a large group of UPVC and aluminium products displayed at your local 5 Star showroom. Plan a visit in your diary.

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