Building Regulations In Worcester – How To Be Above Board

It comes as no surprise to us that conservatories and orangeries are two of our most demanded products this summer as they’re both superb settings for this time of the year.

Large Edwardian Conservatory

Anyone that chooses to buy a new conservatory or orangery from 5 Star is provided with a huge amount of support from beginning to end. This includes us dealing with and handling everything relating to building regulations.

A lot of people aren’t even aware of the existence of building regulations, but we’re completely up-to-speed with building regulations throughout Worcester and beyond because we know how important they are.

There have been incidents were wilful or innocent ignorance of building regulations has resulted in householders being forced to either make significant modifications to their new extension or completely tear it down. We refuse to let that happen to any of our customers and give them a thorough understanding of the rules first.

You are fully permitted to proceed with a home extension if it is constructed in compliance with these guidelines:

  • At ground level and not exceed 30m2 floor area.
  • Glazed to satisfy the requirements of Approved Document K of Schedule 1.
  • Physically separated internally from the building it is attached to, for example, by a door.
  • Without sanitary appliances.
  • Not intended for year round habitable use.
  • Used to some extent for the propagation of plants.

To get total clarity before steaming ahead with the installation you would be well advised to contact your local authority and ask them to send you an Exempt Buildings Form.

This form should be used to supply extensive details of the extension ahead of it being returned to the relevant planning department. They will take a look at the plans and then inform you by writing whether they’re happy for the proposed extension to commence. If they rule in your favour, keep their written response somewhere safe as you can then produce it as proof that the extension complies with building regulations when selling.

You also have planning permission to contend with!

You may be surprised to discover that planning permission and building regulations are two completely separate things.

Planning permission will need to be obtained for certain extensions that you’re proposing to either construct or alter.  

We say “certain extensions” because some extensions are exempt from planning laws and enjoy Permitted Development Rights. When this doesn’t apply, planning permission will need to be sought.

We’ve been dealing with building regulations and planning permission obligations for years…

Every extension we’ve ever built has been done in accordance with building regulations and planning permission considerations, so you couldn’t choose a better firm than 5 Star for your home extension. Begin by asking for a FREE no obligation quote.



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