Check Out The Latest Home Extension Trend – The Glass-housen

The volatile and unpredictable nature of the UK housing market has seen a surge in sales of home extensions. Extending space is the next best alternative to moving and increasing numbers of families do it by commissioning the installation of a traditional conservatory or orangery design at their existing property.

Glass Housen

Whilst there are plenty of conservatories and orangeries available at 5 Star, we would like to introduce you to something a little bit different…

The Weinor Glass-housen

Created by those ever clever Germans at Weinor, the Glass-housen is a gorgeously glazed haven offering a blanket of glass that will bring your garden right into the house.

The transparency of the glass surroundings will make you feel as though you’re living in the very heart of the garden. Light will flood in from all angles.

What makes this design unique is that it actually consists of a Terrazza patio roof which can be closed to form an uninsulated conservatory. However, because of the many flexible and fixed-glazed side elements, you can expose the interior of the Glass-housen to the outdoor environment in a wide number of combinations.

So that the Glass-housen can be successfully integrated into any home, the Terrazza patio roof comes in various styles. You can even have an overhanging roof when desired.

Including an easy-glide sliding wall in the design will give you a beautiful garden gateway.

Why should I buy one?

Aside from the stunning appearance of a Glass-housen, there are several other reasons why it’s worth the investment:

  • Improve the resale value of your home
  • Provides extra space that you can utilise however you want
  • The slender aluminium frames are immensely strong
  • Repels glare
  • Guards against wind, rain and sun
  • Normally complies with planning permission and building regulations

Go for Glass-housen

Your Glass-housen will be the talk of the neighbourhood, especially when it’s been supplied and fitted by 5 Star. Visit our showrooms to find out more

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