Why Choose A Traditional Style Front Door

The various breakthroughs in door technology in recent years have led to the creation of a far broader choice of residential doors.

Timber Doors

Homeowners now have an almost endless choice of door solutions when replacing their current front or back door, well at least they do when they come to 5 Star.

At 5 Star we’re keen not to completely shun traditionally styled doors and over favour modern designs. Instead, we offer an equal number of both door types, especially as traditional doors are still completely on trend.  

We call them traditional, but they deliver the up-to-the-minute performance that every contemporary property needs.

Composite Doors

It may look entirely wood-built, however, a composite door is constructed using PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic).

Combining these materials in one design, results in a door that promises outstanding strength, thermal efficiency and security.

The average lifespan of a composite door is also much longer than a traditional door with a composite door expected to last for anything up to 35 years.

Adding a woodgrain effect will really give it an aged look, a colour choice that you will never need to touch up as all composite doors are maintenance-free. We have traditional hardware options to complete the classic appearance of a composite door.

Timber Doors

They may be categorised as timber doors, but they’re certainly not your archetypal timber doors.

This timber door collection offers near identical aesthetics to original timber doors, only they won’t suffer from the warping, cracking etc. that so often blights real wooden doors. No-one has the time or inclination to be regularly maintaining their door and they won’t have to.

We have even exposed these doors to hurricane-like conditions to ensure that the finish applied to them remains intact in any weather.

Any existing draughts in your hallway will disappear upon the installation of our revolutionary timber doors as the level of energy efficiency offered is second to none to keep the cold outside.

Sticking with tradition needn’t mean compromising on quality

All traditional doors supplied and fitted at 5 Star have the ingredients needed to make your home a prettier, warmer and more secure place to live.

See for yourself why keeping things traditional will benefit you for years to come at either of our two showrooms.

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