Choosing An Orangery That Is Right For Your Home

An orangery is the perfect combination of conservatory sophistication teamed with modern home extension design. The large glazed roofs contribute to the light airy feel that comes with an orangery – ideal for any home that needs a little updating!

If you are thinking about getting an orangery for your home, here are the key styles you may want to consider.

Modern Orangery

Modern orangery styles have evolved over the years, gone are the days of UPVC and aluminium frames. Now this design specification is all about combining a mixture of brickwork and glass to create a natural looking extension to any home.

This style is perfect for a home that favours a more subtle and natural home extension.


Do you like a little colour in your home? If so opting for a coloured orangery could be the option for you. Most people think that the colour of an orangery is restricted to the classic white but that isn’t the case.

There is a whole colour palette available for those who like to be a bit more daring, colours include whitegrain, black, grey, green and light oak, to name a few.

All colour designs have a natural looking finish provided by the woodgrain texturing that is added to create an authentic feel to the paintwork.


The glass-to-floor style of orangery design is for the trendsetter and outdoors lover. Think a lot less brick and a lot more glass.

This style is chic and perfect for those who like to look out into the garden and enjoy the natural light of the sun.

Bespoke Orangery

If none of the above orangery styles appeal to you, you might want to consider creating your own bespoke design. It’s always fun to create something unique for your home. This will allow you to combine your favourite features whilst putting your own personal stamp on your orangery.

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