Could Gadgets Be The Key To Energy-Saving?

UK homeowners are desperately looking for ways in which they can reduce the cost of their energy bills. The average household energy bill currently stands at around £1,250 per year, making it one of the major out-goings for most people. British Gas is trying to do its bit by launching a remote control designed to help people cut heating costs.
The remote heating device allows homeowners to control their central heating via a laptop, mobile, smartphone or iPad when away from the home as a huge amount of energy wastage takes place as properties are left unoccupied. However, it will cost property owners a minimum of £149 to buy.
There are other gadgets available to help homeowners prevent heating use from getting out of hand so there is no doubt that they will come in extremely handy for many people. But if you want a long-term and instant solution to high energy bills then you should turn your attention towards to double glazing in Birmingham and double glazing in Dudley from 5 Star Windows.

Our double glazed windows are proven winners when it comes to improving insulation in the home and ensuring that you can rely on your heating less, more often. Not only will energy bills drop as a result of their installation, but you will also experience a noticeable rise in temperature.
They work so effectively due to the two panes of thermally efficient glass placed inside the frame and the ability of UPVC to trap heat and prevent the weather from making its way into your home.
Until you see a set of double glazed windows in person you will be unable to fully appreciate their beauty and the amount of quality craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each of them. Visit our showroom in Kidderminster to find out more.

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