Why Energy Efficient Windows Aren’t Just For Winter

While the cold weather hasn’t completely left us just yet, we can look forward to an upturn in temperatures over the coming months which will be a relief to householders living in draughty properties.

Double Glazing

Draughtiness at home usually stems from the inability of old windows to keep conditions out, but just because a warmer climate will lessen the threat of draughts infiltrating your living space, doesn’t mean you should put off plans to exchange your current windows for energy efficient windows.

It’s an upgrade you should still make now as the installation of energy efficient windows comes with tangible benefits that aren’t just limited to the winter months:

Improved insulation

Double or triple glazed energy efficient windows will put a stop to draughts and significantly enhance internal thermal comfort. The high performance glass used in a double or triple glazed window is also capable of transmitting the heat produced by the sun into the respective room to help warm it up.

Cheaper fuel bills

The more insulated your home is, the less dependent you will be on your heating and this will trigger a welcome reduction in your energy costs. The money you save on energy during the existence of the windows will more than eclipse what you originally paid for them.

Lower carbon footprint

Restricting your fuel usage will also lower your carbon footprint, which is good for the environment. The burning of fossil fuels is damaging to the planet and we all need to do more to stop this from happening and at the same time, preserve them.

Selling point

You will be in a stronger position to sell your home if you have energy efficient windows, more so than if you don’t own a set of them. It has become an expectation of buyers that energy efficient windows are ready installed. It means that they then don’t have to go the expense of replacing any windows themselves and can be assured of optimum window performance once they move in.


Not only can 5 Star provide you with the very best energy efficient windows, but we can recycle your old UPVC windows and save you money on their replacements as part of our Window Scrappage scheme.


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