Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Finding the right property for you and your family takes time and effort. You need a home that offers you all essential amenities, spaciousness and a great location. In addition, it also helps if you have a polite and friendly next door neighbour as they can often help you settle in or leave you in peace when you need it most.
Home experts findaproperty.com have carried out a study which has shown that four out of ten people would pay more towards the cost of their property if it meant that someone ‘trustworthy and quiet’ was living next door. Those surveyed say they would fork out an extra 7 per cent, which works out at an average of £15,321.
The research also showed that a large number of people have little or no relationship with their next door neighbour, failing to know who they are, what they do for a living or indeed feeling threatened by them. It makes things much easier when you get on with those who live in your neighbourhood, especially if you are moving to a brand new area and looking to make new friends.

Samantha Baden of findaproperty.com says: ‘It’s not just tangible factors like transport links and square footage that contribute to property price – the strength of the local community is a real selling point for many buyers too.
‘The fact that people are willing to pay more than £15,000 to live near a good neighbour highlights the importance of community and security when choosing a new home.
‘We may not want to borrow a cup of sugar from our neighbours but we do want the peace of mind in knowing that we live next door to someone who is courteous and trustworthy.’
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