What Is A FENSA Accreditation? Our Jargon Busting Guide

If you’re unfamiliar with the home improvement industry it probably won’t mean much to you when we tell you that 5 Star is a member of FENSA.

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FENSA membership is an impressive accreditation to hold though as it signifies that our standard of customer service is second to none and our working practices are up there with the very best companies in our field.

What is FENSA?

Established by the Glass and Glazing Federation in 2002, the Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme (FENSA) is the leading and longest-running Competent Person Scheme for the replacement window and door industry.

The job of FENSA is to regulate companies like 5 Star and check that we are fulfilling the expectations of homeowners, whilst working to current building regulations.

How did we become a FENSA member?

FENSA has an independent assessment team and they observed and inspected several of our installations across the region to ensure that our installers were doing their job properly.

They do not hand out FENSA accreditations lightly, but were completely satisfied that 5 Star is a company worthy of such status.

We are regularly vetted by FENSA as they like to check that our standards haven’t slipped. If they determine that they have, it’s within their power to strip us of our membership, but we do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen and our continued good work demonstrates this to them.

Why do you need a FENSA certificate?

When you appoint a FENSA member for any new window or door installation they will present you with a FENSA certificate at the conclusion of the project.

This certificate shows that the installation complies with building regulations and meets industry standards. It is an important document to have if you ever want to sell your home as it will need to be passed on to the new owner of your house as proof that any windows or doors you have had fitted satisfy the necessary requirements. If you don’t have a certificate to handover, it could hold up and potentially scupper the sale.  

Together with the certificate, you will also receive an Insurance Backed Guarantee. An Insurance Backed Guarantee is a really useful thing to have as it gives you guaranteed cover for 10 years in the event of an installer going out of business, so you won’t be left out of pocket.


FENSA membership is just one of several accreditations that 5 Star has earned. Visit our About Us page to find out about us also being an Atlas Approved Installer and part of the Ultra Conservatory Installer Scheme.



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