How To Give Your Extension A Spring Clean And Leave It Smelling Fresh

It’s been a VERY long winter for everyone, so spring can’t come quickly enough, and it’s almost here now, thankfully.

Ahead of the clocks going forward and it becoming brighter much earlier, it’s that time again – time to do the annual spring clean. 

So, raid your cupboards and see what cleaning products you have in the house, and go to the utility room for your mop and bucket, brushes, hoover etc. 

Every room should be left spotless once you’re done, including your conservatory, which is where you’re likely to spend a lot of time over the coming months. 

Here’s a great cleaning routine for an extension, conservatory, or otherwise:

  • Start by letting some fresh air into the space, opening all windows and doors. 
  • Take off any coverings you have on your conservatory furniture and flooring. Beat them down outside to get any dust out of them, and then you can mop / brush the floor. Have a look and see if they are washable too, and return them to the extension afterwards. 
  • You can get rid of any marks or fingerprints on glass with a simple cleaning agent and cloth. Don’t forget to clean the windows and doors on the outside too. 
  • Any marks on wood or glass furniture can be polished away, and the same goes for any on your window cills. 
  • If you have a ladder, and don’t suffer from vertigo, get rid of any blockages in your guttering. Leaves may be blocking it up and left in there, it could result in bad water damage.

Your extension should almost feel new again, and it should smell sensational too. A rigorous spring clean will also help you burn off plenty of calories, so you will feel better for doing it. 

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