A Guide To Getting The Perfect Replacement Windows

Your guide to getting the perfect replacement windows

Windows are without doubt one of the most vital features of any house, but their importance is often overlooked and undervalued. 

They make a huge contribution to the overall appearance of a dwelling. They keep us protected from intrusion and the elements when we’re indoors. They help the sun into our internal spaces to fill them with natural light. They provide you with external views. And that’s only the half of it! 

They shouldn’t be taken for granted. The moment you sense that your current windows aren’t doing their job properly in some way, take swift action and get them replaced. 

But just hold on there before you do that! Any replacement windows need to be a good fit for the house and prove worth the money. This is how you should go about buying them:

Find the right window style

You don’t want to spoil the original character of your property. If you’d prefer to play it safe, choose a like-for-like window style. 

There are many window styles on the market, ranging from casement windows (great for most property types) and bay & bow windows (found in many period properties) to the tilt and turn design (excellent for ventilation and easy cleaning). 

Go with a window that suits the architectural style of the house and the area in which you live, and provides your desired functionality.

A kitchen window

Select a window material

The two most popular materials used in window construction today are UPVC and aluminium, which are very different to one another. Both are highly energy efficient materials.

UPVC windows are very affordable and low-maintenance, never likely to corrode or rot, and subsequently don’t require any sanding, repainting or varnishing. 

Aluminium windows are similarly weather-resistant and need minimal upkeep. They have incredibly sleek frames too, and their powder-coated finish really emphasises their design.

An oak coloured window

Appoint a reputable installer

Who you buy your new windows from and who installs them for you is also key. You don’t want to spend your hard-cash earned cash on windows that are poorly fitted and don’t perform how they should. 

Do a Google search for window installers that cover your area, looking at reviews of their work, and ask people you know for installers they would recommend. 

An installer with a recognised industry accreditation will give you the peace of mind of knowing they sell quality windows and should provide excellent fitting.

A window fitter

Arrange an online appointment with 5 Star or visit one of our showrooms to make an informed decision on replacement windows.

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