How To Battle Rising Energy Costs

There’s been a lot of news recently covering the rising fuel costs as 4 of the biggest 6 energy suppliers in the UK have increased their prices just before the winter months. This has caused panic amongst many who already struggle with their costs. Unfortunately, there really doesn’t exist a quick fix but you can make sure that your bills stay as low as possible in the future by adopting a more efficient approach to energy usage.

There are a number of measures you can take to keep down the cost of you bill year after year, the savings of which should offset the initial cost of implementation, the time it takes to do so will vary on a case by case basis.

Your windows can account for 10 – 30% of your homes heat loss in the winter months and have a significant effect upon the temperature inside, thus prompting you to up the thermostat to ward off the chill. Installing double, or even triple glazed windows will go a long way to keeping heat in your home and more importantly, keeping your finger off the thermostat dial! The extra panes of glass act as barriers to the cold air and are also more tightly sealed to avoid gaps. As an added bonus, if you use air conditioning (or electric fans) in the summer when it’s hot the efficient windows will help to keep your home cool, so double savings!

Another big factor in your homes heat loss is your door, it may be slightly less significant that your window but it can still account for as much as 15% of your houses overall heat loss. Older doors are not as energy efficient as modern designs and could be contributing factor to bringing your bills down.

Other significant ways that your home could be losing heat include insulation, although we can’t help with that specifically here at 5 Star it may be worth looking into improving your homes insulation. Heat lost through the walls and roof can account for a further 60% of your homes heat loss!

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