How To Decorate Your Windows And Doors For Christmas

Windows at Christmas

It certainly IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Carrying on from the theme of Christmas 2020, the festive decorations are continuing to be bigger and better this year, as it appears we are all looking to add some much-loved Christmas cheer to our homes.

In fact, you may find that it’s no longer enough to simply put the Christmas tree up to really get our homes into the spirit of the season. 

Make sure you don’t overlook the potential of adding Christmas decorations to other parts of your house, like your windows and doors.

Wreaths on doors AND windows

A wreath on your front door is a classic choice and will make a great first impression for the higher-than-average footfall of guests you are expecting over the Christmas period. 

While we traditionally hang wreaths on doors, for a bigger impact, take inspiration from the Americans who often hang wreaths on both windows and doors. 

The classy look is a simple, unified wreath with red bows on each window. And the best part is, wreaths will make your home look festive from both the inside and outside.

Christmas wreath

Fairy lights, lanterns and candles

Every home needs twinkling lights at Christmas. 

Drape battery-powered fairy lights around your windows, scatter lanterns around your doors and on windowsills, and don’t forget to light an advent candle for a festive countdown.

Not only are decorative lights and candles an affordable way to decorate for Christmas, but they add to the cosy ambience too.

Christmas lights

Ornaments on windowsills 

We’re willing to bet you have acquired a large collection of festive ornaments over the years. 

Whether it’s your children’s snowmen they made out of clay at school, a festive village or a wholesome Nativity scene, your windowsills shouldn’t be overlooked as a great way to showcase your love of Christmas.

Widely used in Christmas flower displays, poinsettias look great in vases on windowsills too.

Ornaments on windows

With more and more people decking out their homes and drawing attention to their windows and doors this Christmas, you may be left questioning your own.

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