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Do You Love Light In Your Home? Thought About A Glass To Floor Conservatory?

We advise any home extension buyer wanting a structure predominantly consisting of glass to prioritise a conservatory over an orangery – glass dominates more than it does in an orangery design.

Glass-To-Floor Edwardian Conservatory

The beauty of having so much glass is you get an enormous amount of light from the sun entering into the structure which helps it to feel supremely bright inside during the daytime.

Love glass and want more of it?

It’s entirely possible as we can provide you with a glass-to-floor conservatory which as the name suggests consists of transparent glazed sections that span the full distance between where the roof sits and the base. We achieve it by omitting the dwarf wall that you get with most conservatory offerings.

Three material types are available to you with this design – UPVC, aluminium and Heritage.

The added volume of glass that comes with a glass-to-floor conservatory offers a variety of other benefits to householders…

Amazing views

The largely undisturbed glazed surrounding you have all around you when inside the conservatory will supply you with the most incredible views of your garden. It’ll become a place where you regularly go to when you fancy just gazing into the garden and totally switching off from the world.

Immense spaciousness

Conservatories are big enough as they are, but the inclusion of glass-to-floor glazed panels makes this particular design feel even more spacious as the surge of light from all angles creates that effect.

Improved wellbeing

There are obvious health benefits of sitting in a structure that receives so much sunlight as the exposure to the sun gives us added energy and makes us feel good.

Energy efficient

Some may worry that so much glass could result in a conservatory overheating when the weather is at its hottest and become exceptionally cold in winter. The utilisation of thermally efficient glass will prevent that from happening as it will help to maintain a consistently comfortable internal temperature.

Ready to give a glass-to-floor design the green light?

Everything else you need to know about our glass-to-floor conservatories can be found here. 5 Star has the skill and expertise needed to give you a glass-to-floor extension that reinvigorates the entire house.


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