It’s National Home Improvement Month – What One Change Will You Make?

A challenge has been thrown out to every UK householder this September, including you!

What is it, you may ask? Well, it’s National Home Improvement Month, a consumer awareness campaign encouraging homeowners everywhere to make a single change to their property, before the month is out, to improve it. 

Organised by the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA), who have found that 56% of UK residents don’t love their home, there are prizes up for grabs for those who submit the most impressive Before and After transformation. 

Full details of how you can put yourself in the running for a prize can be found on the National Home Improvement Month website.

So, are you up to the challenge? 

If you are, what are you going to do to enhance your home, and which areas of your house are most urgently in need of a mini or major makeover? 

To help, here are 3 home improvement ideas for 3 of the most important areas of any house:

Refresh your kitchen cabinets

It’s no longer just for the weekly Sunday lunch that families congregate in their kitchen – the kitchen is now where families get together each and every night to cook, consume food and catch-up. 

A full renovation of your kitchen will be costly, and it may not need that any way. Often, a simple refreshing of your kitchen cabinets will rejuvenate its look and make the entire room a feast for the eyes.  

Sand them down and apply a fresh coat of paint if they’re wooden and structurally sound, or reface them,and update the hardware attached to them (handles, pulls, knobs).

Add removable wallpaper to a wall in the master bedroom

Here’s a great, quick and cheap shortcut to alter the appearance and atmosphere of your master bedroom – add removable wallpaper to the wall behind your bed. 

Yes, you heard us right, removable wallpaper is a ‘thing’!

You can get removable wallpaper in many colours and a variety of styles, including art deco, floral and geometric, and as soon as you want to switch to a different design, just peel it off, which won’t damage the wall. Removable wallpaper is also a useful way for renters to put their stamp on a property, without upsetting their landlord. 

Tidy up and pretty up your front entrance

You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t interested in what other people thought of your home; of course you’re interested. 

They’ll often give it the thumbs up or thumbs down purely based on the condition of your front entrance, and by that we don’t just mean your front door. 

Getting a new door fitted, or repainting your current front door, will definitely help, but don’t stop there. Put some pretty plant pots with colourful flowers either side of it, hang a year-round wreath to the door, and then also give your garden a good manicure. 

If the one change you want to make to your home is too big for you to take on yourself and it involves a new door, or some other home improvement product, 5 Star can take on the challenge for you. Just contact us for assistance.

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