How Old Is Your Door? Keep Your Home Secure With Our Tips

Together with your windows, your front and rear entrances are what protect your home from the outside world.

White UPVC Frames & Security Lock

Have you put your doors to the test recently to ensure that they’re still as resilient as they were when initially installed to stop people from breaking in? If you haven’t, lock the doors and try and apply some force to them. The tiniest bit of give is an indicator that the door needs to be replaced; otherwise the whole welfare of the house could be at risk as older doors can become compromised with age.

5 Star has a replacement door range offering 5 Star security that will give you priceless peace of mind.

The installation of a new robust UPVC, composite or timber door from 5 Star isn’t the only measure you can take to improve home security.

Get a trusted house sitter

Millions of Britons will be heading away on holiday over the coming months. Rather than leave your home empty for the duration of your extended break, ask a trusted friend or relative to either occupy the premises while you’re away or call in frequently to open and close the curtains and remove any post from the letterbox.

Share news of your departure with only your closest confidantes, instead of publicising it on social media.

Fit an alarm

Research conducted last year by home security specialists Yale found that 70 per cent of Brits don’t have a burglar alarm in their home.

It’s an alarming figure (pardon the pun). One that should be a wake-up call to every homeowner that’s yet to have one fitted as the noise generated by an alarm is often enough of a deterrent to warn off thieves. Look out for a British Standard approved alarm system.

Become a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme

There are an estimated four million Neighbourhood Watch members in the UK and an independent study has uncovered that membership can reduce the chances of a break- in occurring by a quarter.

If there is no existing Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area, you could always set-up one yourself as it is FREE to do and have surrounding neighbours keeping a steely eye on your property.

Contact us to speak to a 5 Star consultant to found out how else we can make your home more secure.              



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