Organise An Annual Revisit – All Part Of The 5 Star Service

A huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes at 5 Star Windows to ensure that everything within our product range is of the very highest quality. Testing, testing, testing is what it takes to yield 5 Star home improvements so that our customers are never left disappointed with their installation.

So that customer satisfaction is maintained throughout the expected lifespan of the product they choose we have introduced an annual revisit service that all customers can utilise.

This brand new service will see a member of our team visit a customer’s home to check that their conservatory, windows, doors or whatever else they have had fitted by 5 Star are/is still in the best possible condition.

Should the engineer feel it necessary they will make any adjustments to safeguard the longevity of the product and also give it a thorough once over, including a clean to leave it looking sparkling again.

View it as being comparable to giving your car its annual MOT or service.

Trust in 5 Star to leave everything in good working order by organising a half-day annual revisit for just £199.

Similar, we are also now supplying sign-off visits at the end of our installations.

Give us a call or pop into our showroom today to find out more or arrange a suitable date either of these services.

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