Solid Roofs Now On Display At 5 Star

You wouldn’t have thought we could fit any more products into our Kidderminster showroom as it presently showcases 5 beautiful conservatories, 2 life size porches, 9 front doors, 17 windows, 4 back doors, 3 sets of patio doors, 6 sets of French doors, 3 full-size bi-fold door sets, a miniature house, a canopy roof and a Bay window. But we’ve managed it!

You can now see 4 full-size solid roofs within the venue as 5 Star goes solid roof crazy in response to the growing demand for a product that instantly rejuvenates old conservatories.

This includes the Ultraframe Real Roof, a fully structural roof which can carry full size clay or concrete roof tiles, and the 5 Star Eco Roof, a super thermally efficient design with lightweight roof tiles which can replace traditional polycarbonate or glass roofs without necessarily substituting the supporting walls.

We’ve also got an open roof section roof on display so customers can see a cross section of the insulation materials used to help them discover why a solid roof makes such a huge difference to the internal temperature of an existing conservatory.

It’s worth noting – the 5 Star showroom Loggia photo above and the below image are the same conservatory which we’ve updated from polycarbonate (below) to lightweight tile (above) so customers can see how easy it is to change.

5 star showroom loggia and gullwing

No longer do you have to put up with a conservatory that gets too cold in winter or too hot in summer as you can retrospectively upgrade it with a solid roof to restore all-year round thermal efficiency. It also enables the extension to be more closely matched to your property and will minimise the sound of rain hitting the structure.

To publicise the addition of solid roofs into the showroom we are sending out 10,000 Royal Mail leaflets to homes within the local area. If you receive one in the post you will notice that it includes a £250 voucher off the price of a solid roof.

Simply hand it to one of our advisors or bring it into the showroom to redeem the voucher.

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