Summer Home Trends 2022

Summer Home Trends 2022

If you’ve got some time off work this summer and you can’t imagine anything worse than facing flight cancellations and potential chaos at the airport, perhaps you’ll consider giving your home a refresh instead.

With the world feeling a tad overwhelming at the moment, trends this summer revolve around creating a tranquil space in your home. Not only will following the latest trends boost your well-being, but they will also add value to your property.

Self-care spaces

A big trend for summer 2022 is creating a space to prioritise your well-being. We could all benefit from a place to enjoy our hobbies and make time for ourselves.

Whether it’s extending your home with a space to practice yoga or creating a spot to read a book by a large window, we are all becoming more attuned to what makes us happy.

Homeowners are seeking serenity, with the search for spa-like bathrooms on the up. At 5 Star, we offer the option of privacy glazing, which is perfect for creating that calming atmosphere.

Self care spaces at home

Biophilic design

Biophilic design seeks to connect the indoors with the outdoors, blurring the lines between the two. The benefits of this trend include reducing stress levels and making your home appear larger.

To follow this nature-loving trend, maximise natural light and ventilation.

Create a seamless transition into nature with the installation of 5 Star’s feature doors, including our bi-folding doors and sliding patio doors, designed with a high proportion of glass and wide openings.

Bi-folding doors connecting garden

Green finishes

Green environments are incredibly refreshing and can leave us feeling more grounded and content.

Consider adding a touch of green to your home with new windows and doors and embrace a relaxing palette.

5 Star’s windows and doors are available in a number of green finishes, including our popular finish, Chartwell Green.

Pale green windows

For more insight into the latest home trends, download our Home Edit magazine for free here. 5 Star can transform your home for summer and beyond.


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