Taking Care Of Your Doors; Dos And Donts

Here at 5 Star customer service is a priority and making sure our customers products last is a commitment we take pride in honouring. We thought it would be worth while letting you know how to properly maintain your 5 Star doors with this little guide.

Composite Doors

Our composite doors draw upon the strengths of many different materials to merge a traditional looking appearance with modern strength and durability.

For Composite doors to be maintained properly we recommend the use of warm soapy water to clean the surface of your frames every 4 months, while avoiding the use of any solvents or abrasive materials.

Locks and hinges should be lubricated on an annual basis and door furniture such as letterboxes, handles, spyholes, numbers and knockers should be cleaned monthly to preserve their condition. This should be carried out with mildly warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

During bad weather debris around the thresholds of your doors must be kept clean to avoid water entering the seals.

Single Doors

5 Star Knaresborough Flex #03 glass

Single doors are a triple threat, they keep your home insulated, keep you, your family and your possessions safe and complement your home and its features.

We advise that to fully remove all the dirt and grime from the glass and either your UPVC, foiled or aluminium surfaces you should use a mixture of warm soapy water with either a soft sponge or cloth. We recommend this is done at least every 6 months.

A small amount of light engineering oil should be applied to all locks and hinges to keep them moving freely.

French Doors

French doors

French doors have the capacity to turn an average doorway into a grand opening and they don’t look out of place whether installed internally or externally.

A French door or doors require the same maintenance of a single door. The dirt and grime can be removed from the glass along with the door’s surfaces with the use of a warm soapy water mixture and a soft sponge or cloth. The process like a single door is most effective when repeated every 6 months.

Locks and hinges can be maintained also by applying a small amount of engineering oil, this keeps the doors functioning efficiently.

Patio Doors

Where internal and external space is high in demand the patio door is the answer. The sliding features allow for maximum access and space creation with minimal fuss.

Both the glass and frame surfaces for patio doors should be cleaned using a non-abrasive cloth and warm soapy water.

Locks and hinges along with handles should be annually lubricated with light engineering oil.

To collect any debris around the tracks we advise the use of a normal vacuum cleaner spout, this is an important job as the debris that gets caught within the tracks can cause damage to the doors and hinder the smooth running features.

Bi-Fold Doors


In moments a full wall can be opened up to remove the divide that existed between the inside and the outside of your home, that’s the beauty of a bi-folding door.

Bi-folding door frames don’t require the constant attention of other frames but for the glass we still recommend the use of warm soapy water with a soft cloth. A separate lint free cloth is recommended to dry the glass afterwards.

Similar to a patio door we advise the use of a normal vacuum cleaner spout to pick up any debris around the doors tracks, this is to ensure the smooth running features of your doors remain intact and avoid damage.

For further door maintenance tips pop into our Kidderminster showroom.

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