Are You Thinking About A Conservatory Or Orangery For Summer?

If you are, we must congratulate you on your fantastic thinking as both a conservatory and orangery will make for a super summer setting.

Victorian Conservatory

We should reiterate though that these spectacular home extensions are fit for all-year round use, but it just so happens that they’re extra special in summer.

Whether the compact sleekness of a Lean-To conservatory integrates best into the layout of your home or you’ve fallen head over heels in love with the Loggia, several sensational summers are promised for the following reasons:


Do you have young children? You will need some way of keeping them and any friends they invite over to the house occupied during the six week summer holidays and the added spaciousness a conservatory or orangery provides will come in very handy.

Allocate it as their summer playroom where they can play around with all their favourite toys and games and it will stop them from getting under your feet (the toys and games we mean, not the kids!)

Gorgeous views

The vast glazed surround will give you every opportunity to sit back and watch your garden blossom in the sunshine. A glass-to-floor conservatory will particularly enable you to embrace the outside world as the design largely neglects framework for glass.

Most conservatories and orangeries have a huge glass covering, but if you have replaced your old glass or polycarbonate roof for a solid roof, you can always compensate for any loss of light by fitting roof windows. Then you can admire the (hopefully) blue skies just as much.  

Evening warmth

Lighter nights lay ahead and it gives us all the temptation to stay up a little later than we normally would. A summer evening spent in a brand conservatory or orangery will be a comfortable experience, even if the weather takes a turn for the worse, as both structures offer excellent thermal efficiency.

For those rare occasions when the sun continues to emit warmth long into the night, why not incorporate French or bi-folding doors into the extension so you have a means of ventilating the space. This will also give you beautiful access into the garden.

So…what are you waiting for?

You can have a 5 Star conservatory or orangery fitted well in time for summer when you order today. We’re ready and waiting to give you a FREE quote so that work can begin on bringing it to life.


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