Top Gadgets For 2014: Smart TVs

So, it’s the start of a new year and you want to kit your house out with some new stuff. You don’t fancy decorating but your TV is starting to look a bit aged and out of place. Like anyone else, you decide that you need to buy yourself a new TV.

So, if you’re planning on turning your conservatory, lounge or whatever room into a haven for watching some of the best things on TV this year, playing some of the best games and listening to some of your favourite music through some top quality speakers then fear not.

We’re going to list some of the best items you can buy in 2014 to supplement each one of these activities. Let’s start with the best TVs you could buy in 2014.

Samsung UE46F6400

This is one that is regarded as the best budget smart TV on the market at the minute coming in at a healthy £900. The Samsung UE46F6400 comes in a 32 inch version and goes all the way up to a gigantic 75 inches. So if you were taking your time to decide what size you wanted and where to put it, it hasn’t been made any easier.

This TV comes complete with a Smart Touch remote control and it also has a trackpad on it to help you to navigate the different screens. On top of this there’s also a built-in microphone. This television also comes with a built-in, Wi-Fi powered Smart Hub.

This Smart Hub comes complete with the best assortment of apps around too. For example, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player which is an exclusive, 4OD and Demand 5. So, if you miss any of your favourite shows, you can always catch up with what you may have missed.

The picture quality is extremely good for the price of the TV. The 3D HyperReal Engine sports a few less black levels than the higher end Samsung TVs but the colours and contrast make up for that. It also comes with 3D and two pairs of 3D glasses.

LG 47LA860W

This one comes in a little above the Samsung at a pricey £1,300. This TV though, this one is a definite tip of the hat to LG. The stunning interface and the simple use of the TV make it like no other, there quite simply isn’t a simpler TV out there to use.

As well as the ease of use and the great interface that the TV has, the picture performance of the LG 47LA860W is also pretty good. The only thing that it may be lacking a bit is the contrast but the colours are more than good enough, well saturated and natural looking. The HD sources provide stunning detail also.

For a 3D TV, this offering from LG has something that is a tad unusual. It has great 24W speakers but it can also convert anything to 3D. From live TV to a DVD or even something that you’re streaming over the SmartShare digital media software. This is a great all round TV.

Samsung UE46F8000

The picture quality on this flagship Samsung UE46F8000 is something else. It’s practically a thing of wonder. The design of the flagship model is also something to behold. The stand that the TV comes with creates an almost floating look.

The outstanding picture on offer with the UE46F8000 performs well in both dark and light room conditions and with both 2D and active shutter 3D content, you won’t be short of 3D to watch! Also, like the first Samsung we mentioned, it comes with all of the best catch up TV options with ITV Player exclusivity.

Coming in at a very pricey £1,800, this TV is definitely up at the top end of the spectrum so if you’re planning on spending big then this is definitely the TV for you.

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