Top Tips To Draught Proof Your Home

The weather is only likely to get colder as we move speedily towards Christmas and the last thing you want is to feel that cold when you’re tucking into your turkey dinner!  

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A large number of local residences are blighted by draughts. If yours is one of them, instead of putting up with the problem and adding several layers to your person go kick out the cold permanently by draught proofing your private quarters.

We’re a 5 Star company so it seems only fitting that we provide you with 5 effective methods of draught proofing your home. 

  1. Fit thermally efficient windows and doors

Any cold that forces its way indoors comes through your windows and doors. This is an immediate sign that they need replacing and commonly occurs via poorly insulated single glazed timber windows and doors.

The installation of double or triple glazed UPVC or aluminium windows will remedy the situation as they provide exceptional thermal efficiency and eliminate draughts. This will make you less dependent on your boiler and cut the cost of heating bills, as well as give you a more comfortable living space.

  1. Secondary glazing

Some families will be unable to afford new double or triple glazed windows and doors. Don’t be downhearted about it as your existing windows and doors can be made more thermally efficient with the addition of secondary glazing.

Secondary glazing is very affordable and involves the simple application of a supplementary glazed pane on the inner side of an existing window or door. It can also act as a sound reducer for those who live close to a busy road.

  1. Install thermal curtains

Thin curtains are unlikely to keep out much cold weather, so what you need are thicker sets of curtains in the rooms that you use most.

Take the appropriate measurements before going out to buy some thermal curtains so that they fit perfectly. Thermal curtains contain a special coating that helps them insulate your interior when closed.

Leave the curtains open throughout the daytime to let some of the warmth of the sun inside, but once night time falls, draw them closed to block out the chilly night air. Just ensure they’re free enough of any radiators.

  1. Cover your keyhole and letterbox

The cool air that passes through the keyhole and letterbox attached to your front door may seem insignificant but it could be what’s causing your hallway to feel chilly.

You can easily fit a cover to the keyhole and either have a new flap or brush affixed to the letterbox to stop the weather from invading the hallway and it spreading around the rest of the house.

  1. Insert a chimney balloon

Not only do you often hear a lot of air circulating its way down your chimney but you also tend to feel it.

When your chimney is not in use you can always use a chimney balloon to plug the hole in the chimney to prevent cold from entering and heat from escaping. The balloon just needs to be inflated and then deflated when you want to put the fire on.

You can get your hands on the most energy efficient windows and doors at 5 Star if you want the most effective form of home insulation. See them in situ at a 5 Star showroom for a draught-free winter.

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