How To Transform A Conservatory Into The Perfect Lounge Space

Transform A Conservatory Into The Perfect Lounge Space.

Transform your conservatory into a space you’ll actually use. Like any living space, it’s a big investment so it’s silly to waste it as a storage or laundry room.


For many of us, our lounge is the place we come to relax after a long day at work, to watch TV and socialise with family members. It is the heart of the home. Most homeowners dream of a second lounge so they finally have the extra space to entertain guests, with enough living space for a growing family.

Large Loggia Conservatory

A conservatory is ideal for a second lounge as you can fully benefit from being in a bright and inviting environment, which works wonders for our mental health. With a high proportion of glass and full views of the outdoors, a conservatory provides the perfect destination to unwind.

Combining style and comfort with noise-reducing glass, you can enjoy even more peace, quiet and solitude in a 5 Star conservatory.

Fortunately, you can easily transform your conservatory into a second lounge with comfy sofas, cushions, throws and a rug.

Make sure you add a TV, speakers and any other entertainment you require. Upon the transformation of your living space, you’ll never have to fight for the remote in the lounge again!

Add blinds or drapes to add extra warmth to your space and control the light, increasing privacy in the evenings.

Fortunately, our smart glazing is thermally-efficient, so it will help to regulate temperature, but the installation of a tiled roof will give your conservatory a more room-like feel.

If you are concerned about the loss of light, we can add roof windows to your solid roof, which can also keep your space well ventilated in the summer.

Your conservatory’s purpose shouldn’t be an afterthought. A second lounge is both functional and enjoyable. Download our brochure to view our many style options.

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