UPVC Windows And Doors Vital To Reduce Energy Consumption

Researchers in America have released an interactive map detailing the energy consumption of the whole of New York City. You can view the map here. It makes for very interesting viewing and proves that the city is not doing enough to make energy efficiency a priority, particularly in certain districts.

Hopefully after seeing the map New Yorkers will be more encouraged to take out energy efficient measures in their homes and businesses as it is essential that we all make a conscious effort to make the world a greener and more environmentally-friendly place to live.

Although versions are yet to be produced for the UK’s major towns and cities it does capture your attention. We all need to do more to lower the amount of energy we consume in our homes.

Of course, you are not expected to go without fuel when you need it most but when you have home improvements such as UPVC conservatories, UPVC windows and UPVC doors installed it does give you an opportunity to rely on your heating that little bit less than you did before.

This is because UPVC and the glass included in a contemporary conservatory, window or door offers fantastic insulation and allows very little hot air to escape. 25% of heat lost from the home is down to old and past-it windows alone! This figure will be significantly reduced when you simply replace and install windows and other areas of the home with newer and better equivalents.

The coalition government has committed to reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Unless we all take notice of the amount of energy our homes are consuming on a daily basis the likelihood of us reaching this ambitious target is minimal.

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