How To Use Colour To Enhance Your Home

How To Use Colour To Enhance Your Home

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait until the clocks go forward for the extra natural light it brings to enrich and brighten up your space.

There are plenty of ways to use colour which will have the same effect, creating a warm home environment, both inside and out.

Colourful windows & doors

Colour is a powerful tool. It can have an impact on mood, give the illusion of space and make a bold statement.

You can introduce colour into your living space by selecting an eye-catching finish for your window frames and doors or opting for a bold window treatment, such as patterned curtains or vibrant blinds. Or both!

Whereas white can feel quite cold, selecting a red hue like mahogany for your windows and doors will add warmth to your home, which is ideal for this time of year as we all look forward to the warmer weather.

Colourful Window Accessories

Colourful paint

Whether you choose to paint a feature wall, bookcase or TV stand, a lick of paint can go a long way. And we aren’t talking about cream, magnolia or ivory.

For the colour scheme, think about complementary colours on the colour wheel and use it as a jumping off tool. Avoid high contrast, clashing colours, such as yellow, if you have a blue sofa you are particularly fond of.

To find colours that harmonise with each other, select colours that are adjacent on the spectrum. Each colour scheme has its own perks. For example, the adjacent colours of blue, green and cyan will give your home a calming presence.

Colourful Living Spaces Accessories

Colourful accessories

If you’re wanting to experiment without making any drastic changes, accessorise your home with colour in the form of cushions, rugs and blankets.

You can then change your colour scheme for the mood of the seasons and you’ll never have to settle on one theme again.

Colourful Window Accessories

5 Star offers an assortment of colourful finishes for windows and doors to complement every colour scheme, including Grey, Irish Oak and Chartwell Green. For our full spectrum of unique colours, download our brochure below.


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