What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

It’s the first thing a visitor notices when they walk towards your home and one of the most defining features on your property. A front door can say a lot about you, your family and your lifestyle. Whether it’s bright and bold, simple and classy or hanging off the hinges, a front door can make a huge impression on guests and first impressions are always important. We thought it would be rude of us not to run you through the most important features for a welcoming front door so here we go.


5 Star colour door

The most important factor and the one that holds the most immediate impact on the look of your front door is its colour. Different colours give off different signals and the tones you use can give away a lot about your personality.

Research shows people with pink doors tend to be of a mischievous and outgoing nature, homes that feature lilac doors are the home of creative minds while yellow doors are a sign of friendly and welcoming folk.

The research also shows we can associate navy blue with intelligence, grey with honesty and red with passion. If you don’t think your door matches your personality, this might be a perfect time to give your home a new look.


5 Star style door

The style of your front door also plays a role in how other people see your home when arriving at your property.

Doors with lots of windowpanes according to research produce a sense of openness and easy approachability, stylish modern doors give a sleek and contemporary representation of the home owner and simple white doors are viewed as an organised and efficient colour.

More decorations on your front door can make your property feel more loved and homely but on the flip side overdoing the extra touches can start to give off the impression of a cluttered home.


5 Star state of repair 5 Star state of repair 2

No matter how stylish or colourful your front door is, if it isn’t in a suitable state of repair it still doesn’t say the right things about you or your home.

A new coat of paint is easy enough to apply and it can totally transform the look of your home. If keeping the old isn’t an option and you want to follow the New Year trend of in with the new, why not invest in a brand new door for your home?

A great way to mark your style and personality on your property is either giving your front door a makeover or rejuvenating it or replacing it with something new and elegant to turn your house into a real home.

Get in touch with us here at 5 Star Windows to find out more and potentially find the perfect front door for your home to make sure it represents your style and personality! Why not book a free no obligation quotation and discover the huge range of styles and choices available today.

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