Will Triple Glazed Windows Give You A Peaceful Home?

Wherever you live, it’s much quieter than normal right now because of the present lockdown situation, which will give your ears a rest if you’re generally disturbed by external noise.

Noise pollution is a widespread problem for homeowners everywhere, especially for those living in busy villages, towns and cities.

If you’re one of them and presently looking for a solution, might triple glazed windows be the answer, which we’re led to believe are a good noise-reducer measure? 

They can be, but they have to be built in a very precise fashion to have a noticeable effect on reducing the amount of noise you can hear indoors. 

Getting the correct form of glass is essential and ideally a thick glass. What you don’t want though is for the three glass panes to all have the same thickness. The thicknesses need to vary, otherwise the windows won’t do the job you want them to. 

There also needs to be a large air gap between the panes. 

It may be wise not to have trickle vents included in any new triple glazed windows you buy as noise could enter through them. 

They need to be fitted properly in order to work i.e. well-sealed, with no gaps anywhere around the frame, so appoint an experienced window installer (5 Star, hint, hint). 

An important point to note for those living in properties with excessive noise issues is that it might not just be new windows you need to soundproof your house. 

Lots of the noise you usually hear could be coming through your roof, walls and floors, so you will need to get something done about them too. 


Our Virtual Appointment Service is available if you want to talk to us about triple glazing and commence with plans to get them installed at a later date.  


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