How Will Your Windows Fare Across The Winter Season?

In winter you strongly rely on your windows to keep the elements out of your home and provide you with enough warmth to stay cosy indoors. Now that temperatures have started to drop, you need to examine all of your windows to check that they’ll help contribute towards heating the place up before winter really starts to bite.

Flush Casement Windows finished in Charwell Green

There are a number of checks that you can perform to analyse whether they’re doing their job properly.

Look out for any gaps

Get right up close to your windows inside and outside to see if you can spot any gaps in the window frame. When there are gaps it is because the original sealing has come away and this can cause air leaks.

Place a candle close by

Sometimes these gaps may be so small that you cannot see them and only feel the impact they have. You can detect if any outdoor air is managing to find a way through your windows by taking a lit candle close to your windows and seeing if the flame flickers more than it should do.

Take a temperature reading

You can buy an infrared thermometer for very little cost and use it to measure temperature levels close to each window. The recorded temperature should be consistent for each window, so if a temperature seems particularly low for one window there’s a good chance it’s because it’s offering poor insulation due to gaps, the glass used, or both.

Organise an energy audit

To get conclusive evidence of your windows providing insufficient ventilation you could ask a trained professional to conduct a thorough energy audit. Once they have identified any issues, you can resolve them and you may discover that your best course of action is to replace the windows.


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