Get 5 Star Windows When You Buy New Double Glazing

If you want to ensure that you get the best possible double glazing for your investment then you do not need to look any further than 5 Star windows. With many years experience installing double glazing in Redditch, double glazing in Solihull and double glazing in Stourbridge you can be sure that there are few more experienced window installers around! However experienced we may be, it is important that before you invest in double glazing you know exactly how your home will be benefited so we have taken the time to write this short guide to glazing.

The most important reason to install double glazing in your home is that it can lower your heating bills, reduce the amount of energy used and improve the efficiency of your home. While almost every property will gain from the installation of new double glazing, those homeowners who still have old single glazing will benefit the most. The reason double glazing can reduce the energy usage of your home is that it is well insulated and designed to reduce the heat that escapes through your windows, this in turns allows your boiler to do less work yet keep the same amount of heat in your home. Many installations of double glazing repay the cost of purchase over their lifetime due to the yearly savings on fuel that they provide.

A secondary benefit of double glazing is the ability to reduce the strength of external noise sources such as traffic and building sites. This soundproofing is achieved in the same way that the increased energy efficiency is achieved; the insulation of the window ensures that sound waves are reduced. While this benefit may not appeal to all homeowners it is certainly worth thinking about if you are suffering from noise disruption in your home.

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