Avoid The Winter Blues With A 5 Star Window Installation

The weather is going to wreak havoc with the amount of energy you will lose through your windows throughout winter. If your windows are not new and don’t possess the qualities of new double glazing in Redditch from 5 Star Windows then you stand to lose a lot of energy and therefore money. Money that you are literally throwing out of the window.

Recent research which has studied the routes in which energy escapes a home shows that the roof, walls and windows are the most popular. It is actually a staggering 28% which leaves your home through your windows. If you invest in new double glazing in Solihull you are not only going to improve the look of your home but also increase your saving potential each and every month.
5 Star windows have a huge range of UPVC windows for you to choose between when you want to make such vital home improvements. You will only be replacing your windows once in a very, very long time and it needs to be perfect for you, your family and your home.

double glazing

We can help you select from a wide range of different styles that will appeal to every different type of person. Your style of home is also a factor in which windows are perfect for you. The more traditional and contemporary homes will want something along the lines of the Sash Windows collection which replicates the incredibly popular 19th Century classics but with modern functionality and durability. For more modern homes there are the casement windows with sleek finishes and easy to clean and maintain frames. These are of course just recommendations and your selection can be based on whatever you prefer.

Not only does the investment of new windows bump up your energy savings, the incredible look of your home in and out but it will also increase the value of your home in the future. Double glazing in Stourbridge is a sure fire way to make winter bearable and maybe even a positive time when you receive your energy bills.

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