Why A+ Plus Windows Are Worth Your Investment

There are strong rumours that the Big Six energy suppliers are set to announce price increases early in the New Year. This is bad news for those already being charged excessively for energy.

If you’re one of these people, the installation of brand new windows will help your cause, particularly if you choose to have A+ Plus windows fitted, the most energy efficient windows on the market.

We have only recently implemented A+ Plus windows into our extensive range and did so because they are the top performing windows according to the Window Energy Rating scheme. Previously, an A-rated window was the best you could buy, a window option still worth serious thought when you consider that a C-rated window is the minimum requirement.

We won’t deny that A+ Plus windows will cost you more than what you would pay for A-rated windows, but you can expect them to reduce the cost of your energy bills even further. That’s because they almost completely eliminate draughts and prevent very little internal heat escaping.

During the warmest months of the year they even utilise the warmth generated by the sun to keep your interior cosy. So for large parts of the summer you can afford to turn your heating system off, further helping to cut the cost of fuel bills.

You certainly get your money’s worth when buying A+ Plus windows as they’re designed to last for a minimum of 20 years, and throughout that time you won’t have to preserve them in any way. Enduring aesthetics and performance are assured.

Various window styles within our window range can be supplied as A+ Plus, so there’s no doubt that these 5 Star windows will beautifully complement your residence once integrated into the building.

Visit our A+ Plus windows page to get a full breakdown of how they will ease your energy woes.




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