Flush Casement Windows – The New Way To Accessorise Your Home

Several months ago we added a brand new window collection to our already extensive product portfolio – Envisage Flush Casement Windows.

White Flush Casement Window External Detail

It’s fair to say it has proved a hit with householders and its success can be put down to various factors, but principally because of how similar it looks to a traditional timber flush casement window.

The Envisage range was years in the making as we needed that length of time to get the lines and proportions exactly right and ensure it met modern thermal standards.

Heritage window styles are much sought after at the moment and they don’t get better than Envisage.

Authentic colours and hardware

It would be false advertising to call Envisage a “Heritage” design if we didn’t offer the kind of coloured finishes and hardware that traditional flush casements had.

Buyers won’t be disappointed as our colours include original favourites such as Signal Smooth Grey, Irish Oak, Rosewood and our exclusive Olive Grey finish. In terms of fixtures and fittings, our handles, hinges and other hardware options have also been delicately designed to mimic the elegant door furniture found on an original flush casement. And amongst our optional extras are astragal bars to give the effect of multiple panes of glass.

Outstanding energy efficiency

Timber is a poor insulating material. Walk into a home with timber flush casements and you’ll likely feel the cold and the respective homeowner will probably paying a fortune in energy costs.

Envisage has a Window Energy Rating of A+ and offers a U-Value of only 1.2, so your home interior will feel consistently comfortable temperature-wise without you having to constantly crank up the thermostat.

Top-notch security

We have to leave our homes empty at times and when we do it is important to feel assured that burglars are unlikely to break-in. Even the slightest deficiency could be capitalised upon by a determined thief.

Our exclusive ‘Secure It’ locking system has been incorporated into Envisage to make it virtually impossible to break. We know that as we have durability tested the lock over 30,000 times as standard. The Police have also given it ‘Secured by Design’ status in recognition of its ability to keep thieves out.

We wouldn’t call Envisage an “accessory”, more an “essential item” for lovers of flush casements. If you’re in agreement, request a FREE quote for Envisage from 5 Star.


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