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Utilise Your Conservatory/Orangery This Christmas

7th December 2017

Your conservatory or orangery aren’t just useful for those warm summer days. They can be transformed into a Christmas wonderland. Just imagine it; the view of the snow falling in the garden, drinking mulled wine and hot chocolate with Christmas lights surrounding you. What could possibly be better? Most conservatories and orangeries are big enough...

Want To Keep Warm This Winter? Try Underfloor Heating

21st November 2017

It has been a relatively mild autumn so far but it’s highly likely that temperatures will dive once winter arrives and you won’t want the weather to interfere with conservatory living. The conservatory is the focal destination for winter celebrations like Christmas and New Year in many households, so it needs to provide sufficient warmth...

Top Tips To Draught Proof Your Home

15th November 2017

The weather is only likely to get colder as we move speedily towards Christmas and the last thing you want is to feel that cold when you’re tucking into your turkey dinner!   A large number of local residences are blighted by draughts. If yours is one of them, instead of putting up with the...

All You Need To Know About Building Regulations In The Midlands

7th November 2017

We have experienced a huge rise in the number of Midlands’ families commissioning conservatory and orangery installations in recent years. Improving seems to have most definitely overtaken moving, but for any proposed conservatory or orangery installation to get the green light, it needs to completely satisfy current building regulations. Being oblivious to building regulations won’t...

What Are The Benefits Of A Slate Or Tile Roof?

24th October 2017

The forthcoming winter will not be welcomed by many conservatory owners as the colder temperatures will prevent them from being able to utilise their home extension. It’s a significant blow as there’s no better setting to enjoy Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year at home. How does external cold penetrate conservatories? A lot of...

Create Extra Space With A Porch Installation

16th October 2017

Have you started to outgrow your home? If so, you are one of the many thousands of homeowners facing a very difficult choice – do you relocate to a larger home or somehow extend space at your current residence? Any thoughts of relocating may be out of the question if you do not have the...

How To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

27th September 2017

The past few UK winters have been relatively mild, but if there’s one thing you should never predict in this country it’s the weather. Who knows what it has in store for us, but it’s best to have your home fully prepared for any impending icy temperatures. Is your home geared up for a wild...

Why Energy Efficient Windows Are Worth Your Investment

22nd September 2017

Summer seems a long and distant memory now that temperatures have started to spiral downwards. The already cold weather is an ominous sign that we could be in for a very chilly winter. This won’t be what householders with old single glazed timber windows will want to hear as they can expect the inside of...

Keep your door bang up to date

5th September 2017

At 5 Star Windows, we offer a range of UPVC, Patio, French, Composite, Timber and Bi-Folding Doors. These front doors and back doors are the first choice for homeowners looking to replace draughty and outdated wooden doors. Why settle for outdated and old, when you can choose from our range of modern and up-to-date replacement...

How To Turn Your Conservatory Into A Dining Room

5th September 2017

Are you a natural entertainer, the type of homeowner who loves to regularly invite friends and family around for something to eat? If you own a decent-sized conservatory there is nothing to stop you from turning into a luxurious dining space where everyone can feast on some delicious dishes. The key ingredients needed to create...

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